The Death of Harmony Montgomery

Harmony Montgomery is a young girl who went missing in December of 2019 when she was 5 years old. Her disappearance has now become a homicide investigation, with her father and stepmother as prime suspects.

Harmony Montgomery was born in June 2014 to her mother Crystal Sorey. She was born with a visual disability, which rendered her blind in one eye. Her father Adam Montgomery was in prison at the time of her birth. In August 2014, Harmony was removed from Crystal’s care 3 times as a result of her addiction.

Harmony Montgomery

In January and July of 2015, Harmony was taken to visit her father in prison on 2 separate visits. By September, Adam Montgomery was released from prison and moved to New Hampshire. About a year later, Adam Montgomery contacted the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families to resume visits with Harmony. Their visits continued for about 5 months, until Adam stopped responding to future visit requests in February of 2017. In August 2018, Adam went back to visiting Harmony after 11 months.

Harmony’s mother Crystal Sorey

During the previous month of July 2018, Harmony’s mother Crystal lost custody of Harmony, and Harmony was placed in foster care. In December of 2018, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families ordered an investigation at Adam’s home, but this did not follow through. In February of 2019, a family court judge granted Adam legal custody of Harmony.

Harmony Montgomery & her father Adam Montgomery

Harmony’s mother Crystal stated that on Easter of 2019 she FaceTimed Harmony, and that was the last time she saw her daughter. On July 29, 2019, DCF received an anonymous tip that they observed what appeared to be a black eye on Harmony while visiting the family’s home the previous week. A CPS worker visited the home, but reported that Harmony appeared uninjured.

On August 7, 2019, a social worker visited the family’s home to interview Harmony as well as her father and stepmother Kayla. The social worker observed that Harmony had a red mark in one of her eyes and a faded bruise under her eyelid. When questioned, Adam claimed that Harmony was struck by a toy while playing with one of her siblings. On October 1, 2019, a social worker visited the house for a final time, during which they reported that Harmony appeared happy and healthy. The assessments concluded that the report of abuse was unfounded, but the family was at high risk of future welfare concerns.

According to Harmony’s stepmother Kayla, between November and December of 2019, Adam told her that he was taking Harmony to live with her mother in Lowell, Massachusetts. She claims that around this time was the last time she saw Harmony. Around this time, friends of the family claim they remembered seeing the couple with their 2 kids and Harmony, but by December, Harmony was no longer with them.

On January 8, 2020, DCYF received a referral about the family’s home. Adam Montgomery told CPS that Harmony was living with her mother and had been living with her since Thanksgiving of the previous year. On the 21 of January, CPS left a voicemail to Harmony’s mother Crystal to confirm Harmony’s address, but they never got a response.

By September of 2021, a close friend of Crystal contacted DCYF after concerns that Crystal hadn’t seen Harmony since Easter of 2019. It was also confirmed that Harmony had never been registered in the Manchester school system. On November 18, 2021, Crystal contacted the Manchester police, reporting that she hadn’t seen her daughter since their last phone call over 2 years before.

After being unable to locate Harmony, Manchester police began trying to locate Adam Montgomery in December of 2021. Around this time, Crystal sent a letter to the Manchester Mayor begging for help in finding Harmony. On December 31, 2021, police found Adam living in his car with a new girlfriend. They stated that he was uncooperative and unwilling to provide information regarding Harmony’s whereabouts. Adam’s new girlfriend, Kelsey Small, was found dead in a hotel room about 3 months later, but detectives say this is unrelated to Harmony’s case. A press conference was later held in regards to Harmony’s disappearance as the case began to gain national attention.

On January 3, 2022, a 24-tip hotline was set up for people to leave information regarding Harmony’s disappearance. The following day, investigators searched the previous Montgomery family’s home located on Gilford street, but no evidence was found. The same day, Adam Montgomery is arrested and charged with second-degree assault, interference with custody, and endangering the welfare of a child. On January 6, 2022, Harmony’s stepmother Kayla is also arrested and charged with felony welfare fraud, which was later dropped for a charge of felony theft.

Harmony’s stepmother Kayla Montgomery

In early 2022, investigators continued their search for Harmony. They collected several pieces of evidence from Harmony and her family’s previous home, including a refrigerator. It was then announced in August 2022 that Harmony was likely murdered in December 2019 when she was 5, changing the investigation from a missing persons case to a homicide investigation. Investigators stated that they received multiple sources of investigative information, as well as finding biological evidence that led them to this conclusion. They are now trying to determine where Harmony’s remains are, how she was killed, and who is responsible.

What happened to Harmony is a tragic mystery, but I know the truth will be revealed very soon. With her father and stepmother in custody and the evidence building against them, they are likely to be brought to justice. The biggest focus is bringing Harmony home and giving her the justice she deserves. She was a happy and sweet child with a bright smile who deserved so much more in life.

Harmony Montgomery

To leave tips for Harmony’s case, call/text 603-203-6060


The Disappearance of Trenton Duckett

Trenton Duckett is a toddler who went missing from his home in Leesburg, Florida at age 2 in 2010. He has been missing for more than 16 years.

Trenton Duckett was born on August 10, 2004. His parents were Joshua Duckett and Melinda Eubanks Duckett. Melinda Eubanks was born in South Korea on August 14, 1985, and moved to the U.S. on Christmas Eve of 1985 after being adopted by an American couple. She lived in New York before eventually moving to Florida at 17 to live with her grandparents. Melinda met Joshua Duckett while attending South Sumter High school together. The couple went on to have Trenton soon after graduating, and later got married in 2005.

Trenton Duckett

In April of 2005, Melinda was involuntarily committed under the Baker Act after Joshua claimed that she threatened to harm Trenton. She was then diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder, but it was determined that there were no psychological reasons that she was incapable of being a loving parent. Joshua and Melinda’s marriage became tumultuous and they separated several times before Melinda eventually filed for divorce in July 2006. Melinda also got a restraining order against Joshua after claiming her threatened both her and Trenton’s lives.

Trenton and Melinda Duckett

Throughout the divorce and custody battle, Joshua and Melinda both accused each other of harming Trenton. This led to young Trenton spending several times in foster care or staying with his maternal grandparents.

On August 27, 2006, Melinda Duckett called 911 to report Trenton missing. She claimed that after finishing a film, she went into Trenton’s room and discovered he was gone. It was found that the window screen about Trenton’s crib was cut. Because of the circumstances and lack of evidence, Melinda was the prime suspect in Trenton’s disappearance.

A few days after Trenton’s disappearance, Melinda was interviewed for an episode of Nancy Grace that would air on September 8, 2006. During the interview, Nancy Grace harshly accused Melinda of hiding information about Trenton’s disappearance after refusing to take a polygraph test and gave vague answers to questions.

Melinda Duckett’s Nancy Grace Interview

A day after taping the show, Melinda wrote a 2-paged letter addressed to the public in which she expresses her love for Trenton and her anger for being accused and ridiculed by the public. She then left the letter in her grandparents’s car, went into their house, and committed suicide in one of the closets using a gun.

Following Melinda’s suicide, her family blamed the media and Nancy Grace for scrutiny. They filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Nancy Grace, accusing her of inflicting emotional distress on Melinda. In an interview with Good Morning America following the lawsuit, Nancy Grace stated, “If anything, I would suggest that guilt made her commit suicide To suggest that a 15- or 20-minute interview can cause someone to commit suicide is focusing on the wrong thing.” In 2010, Nancy Grace reached a settlement with the estate of Melinda Duckett to create a $200,000 trust fund dedicated to finding Trenton.

Joshua Duckett speaking with Nancy Grace

Trenton Duckett is still missing and is considered an endangered child. Although years have passed, Trenton’s family and many others have not given up hope that he is alive somewhere. Joshua Duckett continues to actively search for his son and holds vigils every year on the anniversary of Trenton’s disappearance. I hope that Trenton can be found soon to bring closure and end the search his family has been on.

Trenton has brown hair, brown eyes , and a small mark above his left eye. He would now be 18 years old.


Pyre Case

Pyre Case refers to the discovery of a young woman whose body was found burned in Blackhawk, Colorado in 1952. Her cause of death and identity remains unknown.

On September 30, 1952, a man on a hunting trip discovered the burned body of a woman under a large log. It was determined that the body had been there for several weeks. The autopsy revealed that the woman was struck in the head with a blunt object, but it could not be determined if this was her cause of death or the fire. After creating a facial reconstruction, detectives began referring to the Jane Doe as Maria.

facial reconstruction of the Jane Doe

The victim is thought to be between the ages of 17-30, 5’7″ tall, and possibly white. Her hair was either black or brown. Items found around her were: fragments from a sequined turquoise blouse, a small electric razor, metal rivets of blue jeans, a purse, sole of 1 shoe, 3 empty lipstick containers, a man’s ring without a setting, a Denver tramway token, 3 safety pins, 2 pieces of a broken handbag mirror, a rhinestone necklace, and earrings.

jewelry found near the victim

There is not much information about this case, along with the lack of evidence. This makes it much more difficult in determining who the woman was or who is responsible for her murder. It has been nearly 70 years without the woman’s identity, but hopefully with the new DNA technology, she will be given her identity back and her case can soon be closed.

news article released after the discovery of the victim


The Murders of Mary, Brittney, and Bobby Fisher

The Fishers were a family of 4 from Scottsdale, Arizona consisting of Mary Fisher, Brittney Fisher, Bobby Fisher, and Robert Fisher. The family made headlines after Robert Fisher murdered his wife and children and blew up their home in 2001. He has been on the run since and was previously on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

Robert William Fisher was born on April 13, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York. When he was 15, Robert’s parents divorced, leaving him with very bitter feelings. In his early adult life, Robert served in the U.S. Navy, and worked as a firefighter and surgical technician. He was known for being an avid outdoorsman and having excellent hunting skills.

Mary and Robert Fisher

In 1987, Robert married Mary Cooper, and they went on to have 2 children, Brittney Fisher and Robert William Fisher Jr. Robert was described as being very controlling and cruel to his family. He and Mary often argued about things like sex and money. Robert would do harsh things to his family, like spraying Mary with water when he felt like she was talking out of turn, or throwing his crying and fearful children into a lake to teach them how to swim. To some these acts may seem minuscule, but Robert’s controlling attitude made these situations much worse.

Robert’s hunting friends began to notice that he would display some disturbing behaviors as well. In one instance, he began smearing the blood of an elk onto his face after killing it. Another time, he snuck up on a family having a picnic and emptied his gun in the air. Robert also shot and killed a dog at some point, claiming it attacked his dog; however, police believed he set this up to kill the dog. According to some of his friends, Robert talked about committing suicide in 1998 because of the state of his marriage. In December 2000, Robert told several coworkers about an affair he had with a massage therapist, fearing his wife Mary would find out. Neighbors claimed to hear the couple arguing often, with statements such as, “You’re worthless, I could have done so much better. We should divorce.” Weeks before she and her children’s murders, Mary told several friends that she was divorcing Robert.

On April 9, 2001, neighbors reported hearing the couple loudly arguing at around 10 P.M. Approximately 10 hours later, the Fisher house blew up. Neighbors used water hoses to try and keep the flames down until the firefighters arrived. It was noted that Mary’s Toyota 4Runner was missing. Upon arrival, it was believed that the entire Fisher family had perished in the explosion.

The Fisher family’s home after the explosion

Once the fire was put out, only 3 bodies were recovered. The bodies were determined to be that of Mary (38), Brittney (12), and Bobby (10). At first, investigators thought that had died from the explosion. However, autopsy reports determined that Mary was shot in the back of the head, and Brittney and Bobby’s throats were slit from ear to ear. There was no soot found in their lungs, meaning they were killed before the explosion.

Firefighters at the scene of the Fisher home

Whilst trying to determine what happened to Robert, investigators found footage of Robert at an ATM around 10:43 P.M. withdrawing $280; Mary’s car can be seen in the background of the footage. With this, investigators determined that Robert committed the murders between 9:30 P.M. and 10:15 P.M. When investigating how the explosion started, investigators found that the gas line from the house’s furnace had been pulled, and the accumulated gas was ignited by the lit candle. The time it took for the gas to accumulate and reach the candle gave Robert enough time to flee. It is theorized that Robert murdered his family because he was threatened by Mary’s intention to divorce him, and he didn’t want Brittney and Bobby to go through what he went through as a child. We can all agree that this could have been achieved without him annihilating his entire family.

With the circumstances, Robert Fisher was determined to be the prime suspect in the murders. On April 20, Mary’s car was found in the Tonto National Forest, about 100 miles north of Scottsdale were the family lived. The family’s dog was found hiding outside the car. Police immediately began searching the area, but only checked 1 of several caves in the area. Multiple professional cavers suggested that Robert possibly hid in one of these caves. However, no evidence wad found that suggested Robert may have been in the caves. A couple stated to have seen a man matching Robert’s description walking along a nearby road days before the car was found. An acquaintance of the Fisher family stated that her husband had gone camping with Robert in the around that the car was found before the murders took place. Her husband believed that Robert was scouting the area.

Mary’s car found in the forest

On July 19, the city of Phoenix issued a state arrest warrant charging Fisher with 3 counts of first-degree murder and one count of arson. After no leads or arrests, Robert was declared a fugitive and a federal arrest warrant was issued. On July 29, 2002, Robert became the 475th fugitive to be added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list of fugitives, with a $100,000 reward for information leading to his capture. There were many reports of sightings of Robert, from as close as his neighborhood to as far as South America. On November 3, 2021, Robert was removed from the Ten Most Wanted list, but remains a wanted fugitive.

Many documentaries and theories have been developed as the years have passed since the murders. Some people believe that Robert possibly killed himself sometimes after the murders. Other’s believe that Robert used his outdoor skills to survive the wild, and it possibly living under a new identity. However, unless Robert is found, we might never really known exactly what happened to him. In the coming years I hope some evidence of Robert’s whereabouts are found, pr he is miraculously found, so that Mary, Brittney, and Bobby can get the justice they deserve.

Brittney, Mary, and Bobby Fisher


The Death of Lauren Smith-Fields

Lauren Smith-Fields was a young woman who was found dead in her bed after a night hanging out with an older man she met on a dating site in December of 2021. Despite the suspicious circumstances in which Lauren was found, her death was not taken seriously by authorities at first.

Lauren Smith-Fields was 23 years old and from Bridgeport, Connecticut. She was described as a very outgoing and a bright young woman by her family and close friends. She always seemed to know how to brighten people’s days if they were feeling down. Before her death, Lauren was in college and had her own successful business.

Lauren Smith Fields

Lauren’s family began to grow worried after not hearing from her. On December 13, 2021, Lauren’s mother Shantell and her brother went to Lauren’s apartment to check on her, but she wasn’t there. Instead, there was a note on her door which stated, “If you’re looking for Lauren, call the number.” The phone number belonged to Lauren’s landlord. The landlord then delivered the unfortunate and heartbreaking news to Lauren’s family that she passed away.

Lauren’s family was obviously shocked by this. Her family stated that they had to contact the detectives and the Bridgeport Police Department to get confirmation on Lauren’s death. Why weren’t they informed of Lauren’s death by the police when she was found?!

According to a police report, on December 12, 2021, authorities received a call from a man saying that the woman he was with was unconscious. The man that called, Matthew LaFountain, had supposedly met Lauren on a dating app called Bumble. The two met up at Lauren’s apartment the day before, where they hung out together.

LaFountain then stated that Lauren went outside to retrieve something from her brother, and then came back inside where she went into the bathroom for about 10-15 minutes. According to Lauren’s brother, when he came to pick up some clothes from Lauren’s home, she appeared perfectly fine and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Her brother was however unaware that the man was in Lauren’s apartment at that time.

The following day, LaFountain contacted the authorities to report her death. According to him, after they finished drinking and watching movies the night before, he carried Lauren to her bed and they both feel asleep together. LaFountain stated that at about 3 A.M. he went to the bathroom and Lauren was still breathing and asleep. At about 6:30 A.M. he woke up again, and found Lauren lying on her side with blood coming out of her nose and she was not breathing.

When authorities arrived, Lauren was pronounced dead. Lauren’s landlord was contacted, but he had no family information to contact her relatives. So Lauren’s family wasn’t made aware of her passing until they went to her apartment and spoke to her landlord.

According to the medical examiner, Lauren’s death was a result of “acute intoxication due to combined affects of fentanyl, promethazine, hydroxyzine, and alcohol,”; also classified as an accidental overdose. According to Lauren’s family, she absolutely didn’t do drugs, rarely drank alcohol, and went to the gym regularly. The family’s attorney states that because of this, they are focused on how the drugs got into her system, not about what kind of drugs because Lauren wasn’t a drug user.

Outrage grew when it was found that Matthew LaFountain, the man Lauren was with when she died, was not investigated or questioned after her death. It was as if the police just took his word for what happened without properly investigating him. Lauren’s brother stated that the police claimed to have not investigated LaFountain because he “seemed like a nice guy.”

Matthew LaFountain

Evidence was not properly collected from the crime scene as well. When Lauren’s family visited her home after her passing, they found a used condom with semen inside, and a pill that is believed to be a sedative. The Mayor later announced that the city’s Office of Internal Affairs would conduct a proper investigation of the police’s handling of Lauren’s case.

Lauren’s death is still being investigated and her family is not giving up hope on getting the justice that she deserves. Something more happened to Lauren than what is being told, and soon the truth will be revealed.


Kelly, The El Dorado Jane Doe

Kelly is the name of a once unidentified murder victim from 1991. She was formerly known as the El Dorado Jane Doe. Kelly went by several aliases, and for decades her true identity was unknown until May 2022.

Out of privacy for her family, Kelly’s last name has not been publicly released. Kelly was born in Virginia 1968 to a woman named Brenda. She grew up only knowing her stepfather as a father figure, and it was said that her biological father was unaware of her existence.

young Kelly

After her mother and stepfather divorced in 1971, Kelly’s mother Brenda remarried another man some time later. This man was abusive to Brenda, Kelly, and Kelly’s younger sister. Brenda and the man stayed together for several years, and had another baby that Brenda later gave away to a nearby farm family. Brenda and the man later got divorced, and she got remarried again some months later. However, the marriage ended in 1979 after the husband committed suicide.

After this, Brenda moved away to Virginia Beach and sent Kelly and her sister to live with their aunt in Charlottesville, Virginia. The girls stayed with their aunt for about a year and a half until their mom asked Kelly to come live with her. After moving in with her mom, Kelly withdrew from school in 10th grade and began working at a beach jewelry kiosk.

Kelly began facing more troubles during this time. At some point, Brenda stole merchandise from the kiosk and Kelly had to return it to prevent her mother from going to jail. After the summer of 1983, they were forced to move 3-4 times for not paying rent. About a year after this, Kelly asked to move back in with her aunt because she couldn’t handle dealing with her mother’s drug addiction. However, it was soon found that Kelly too had an addiction after her mother introduced her to the drug at only 16. Kelly later underwent drug rehabilitation in 1986 and went on to try and help her mom overcome her addiction.

After completing rehab, Kelly went to live with another aunt in Texas. After living there for some time, Kelly’s aunt found “sexy clothing” in her suitcase, soon finding out that she worked as an exotic dancer. Kelly lived with a boyfriend for some time after this, but then left and relocated to Little Rock, Arkansas. She lived here from 1986-1989, until moving back to Florida with her mom and her sister, who also lived with there. However, Kelly’s sister soon moved back out, and then Kelly moved to Norfolk, Virginia in 1990. Later that year, Kelly also travelled to Dallas, Texas.

While staying in Dallas, Kelly worked at a KFC for some time. However, she was also arrested for prostitution, beginning her arrest record. She was arrested in December 1990 under the name Cheryl Ann Wick. She was arrested in Dallas again the following month. In February 1991, she was arrested in Garland, Texas under the name Cheryl Ann Wick again. Kelly then left Texas, and lived in Shreveport, Louisiana for some time before moving to El Dorado, Arkansas. She was arrested a last time in May 1991 as Cheryl Ann Wick.

Kelly’s El Dorado mugshot

While living in Texas, Kelly met a man named James McAlphin. They began a relationship, that soon turned to domestic violence that sent Kelly to the emergency room several times. He also began pimping Kelly out. In June 1991, Kelly left James and began living with a friend named Andrea in El Dorado.

On July 10, 1991 James convinced Kelly to come to the Whitehall Motel, Room 121 with an offer of money. A neighbor states that he witnessed the interaction between the two. The neighbor states that as Kelly tried walking away, James came after her and hit her, before dragging her back into the room, saying “get back in the room bitch”. The neighbor says he then heard the two arguing before hearing a gunshot. Multiple witnesses said that James then got in his vehicle and sped off.

Kelly’s body was found in the room; she was only 23 years old. Autopsy reports state that her cause of death was a broken neck, and she was shot post-mortem. With the witnesses able to identify James, he was arrested and charged with first degree murder and second degree battery, despite his false claims.

In Kelly’s possessions, investigators found an ID with the name Cheryl Ann Wick. However, when contacting the Wick family to inform them of her death, investigators found that the real Cheryl Ann Wick was very much alive. They then found out that the woman’s identity had been stolen. The real Cheryl suspected it was stolen while she was working as an exotic dancer, but claims she never knew Kelly.

With this investigation, it was found that Kelly used multiple names, including: Mercedes ( how friends knew her), Cheryl Ann Wick (the ID she used), as well as Kelly Lee Carr, Kelly Karr, Shannon Wiley, Cheryl Kaufman, and Sharon Wiley, which were all not her real name. It has now been revealed that Kelly began using the stolen identity in 1984-1985 because the clubs she worked at only hired dancers that were 18 and over. With all these names, but none belonging to her, the investigators had no idea who Kelly really was and she became known as the El Dorado Jane Doe, one of the most enigmatic Jane Doe cases.

Throughout her life and travels, Kelly told people different stories from her past. She told her friend Andrea that she used to be a stripper and had 2 kids that her mother took care of. She also told others that she was in the witness protection program and her father was in the mafia. It was also rumored that she was wanted for a bank robbery, but these claims were not backed up when investigated by police.

Kelly also told people that she would accompany an African American male to truck stops to lure men to rob. She stated that this led to the death of one driver. Police suspected that she was referring to the November 1988 murder of a truck driver named Dwayne McCorkendale; a white female and black male in a Ford pinto were near the crime scene at the time. No definitive ties have connected the case to Kelly though. Kelly also previously told a volunteer at a Salvation Army that she lived at a local homeless shelter in Dallas, and her daughter was taken away. However, these claims have not been proven either.

For decades, Kelly remained unidentified. Her case grew immense attention as people were fascinated by the victim’s use of several identities. Finally in 2019, a second cousin of Kelly’s living in Alabama was identified through genetic genealogy. The cousin did not recognize Kelly, but did state she resembled people in the family. Then on May 24, 2022, forensic specialist Yolanda McClary published an article revealing Kelly’s identity, finally giving answers to who the El Dorado Jane Doe was.

It is amazing to know that Kelly finally has her identity back after decades of mystery surrounding her identity. The background of what happened to Kelly and her life is truly saddening. I hope that Kelly can now find some peace in the afterlife.



The Case of Baby Holly

Holly Marie Clouse, also known as Baby Holly, was found in 2022 after her parents were murdered in Texas nearly 40 years ago and she disappeared. The investigation into her parents’ deaths are ongoing.

In October of 1980, Tina Gail Clouse, Harold Dean Clouse Jr. and their infant daughter Holly Marie Clouse relocated from New Smyrna Beach, Florida to Lewsiville, a suburb of Dallas, Texas.

Tina and Harold Clouse

Shortly after moving to Lewisville, the young family disappeared. In January of 1981, a dog returned to its home in a rural area east of Houston with a decomposed human arm in its mouth. After the police began a search, the remains of a couple were located in a forest nearby. According to the medical examiner, the man was beaten to death and the woman was strangled. Unfortunately, because the family was new to the area and genetic testing had not yet be invented, the couple’s bodies remained unidentified.

Sketches of the unidentified couple

Unbeknownst to the officers, the couple’s infant daughter Holly had disappeared, as there was no evidence that the infant was there. Harold’s mother Donna, never gave up searching for the family.

Baby Holly and her mother Tina

In October 2021, the case was reopened and genetic genealogy was used in hopes to identify the couple. With this, investigators were finally able to determine that the remains belonged to Harold Dean Clouse Jr. and Tina Gail Clouse. That is when they also discovered that the couple had an infant daughter who had not been seen since their disappearance and murders. Though they had fears for the worst, investigators still searched in hopes that Baby Holly was alive.

A picture of Baby Holly and a facial reconstruction

Finally, on Tuesday, June 6, 2022, investigators found that Holly Marie Clouse was still alive, now 42 and living in Oklahoma. It was then discovered that after her parents’ murders, Holly was taken, most likely by her captors, and dropped off at a church in Arizona by 2 women who identified themselves as members of a nomadic religious group. The women were said to be wearing white robes and were barefoot. They claimed that some of their beliefs included: separation of male and female, vegetarian habits, and not using/wearing leather items. Furthermore, they did not state how they got the baby or where she came from.

Baby Holly

Holly was eventually adopted by a family of the church. She grew up to get married and have 5 children. She has now been married for more than 20 years and has 2 grandchildren.

Holly Marie Clouse, now 42, holding a photograph of herself and her parents

In late December 1980 or early January 1981, the couple’s family received a call from a woman in Los Angeles identifying herself as “Sister Susan” claiming that the couple joined their religious group, renounced their world possessions, and wanted no contact with their family. She offered to return the couple’s car to the family, and a date was arranged for the car’s return in Florida. A man and 3 women who brought the car were taken into custody in regards to the family’s disappearance. However, no case file about the arrests could be found.

Now that Holly Marie Clouse had been found alive and well, the family is one step closer to getting some closure. The next step is finding out who murdered Holly’s parents, and many questions still remain. Did they really join the religious cult, or were they just killed by the cult members? What cult is this? Who are these cultists? I think with the already known information and identification of the family, these questions are closer to being answered. I hope Holly and the rest of her family are healing after learning the news of what happened to Harold and Tina.


The Murder of Uyinene Mrwetyana

Uyinene Mrwetyana was a 19 year old student from South Africa who was brutally raped and murdered near Cape Town in 2019. Her murder is known for initiating a movement against femicide, or violence against women, in South Africa.

Uyinene Mrwetyana, who also went by Nene, was born on April 20, 2000 in East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Her mother described her as vibrant, outspoken, and a dynamic person. Friends described Nene as caring, outgoing, and a fashion lover. Nene grew up in a suburban town with her parents and brother, and she attended Hudson Park Primary School. Nene later attended high school at Kingswood College, where she graduated in 2018. She later received the school’s Neil Aggett Memorial Award posthumously in 2020. After she graduated, Nene began attending school at the University of Cape Town.

19 year old Uyinene Mrwetyana

On August 24, 2019 Nene went to a local post office to collect her parcel, where an attendant, Luyanda Botha, told her that her parcel wasn’t ready and to come back in the afternoon. However, the post office closed at 1 P.M. After Nene left, Luyanda arranged for his coworker to leave early, leaving only him and Nene in the post office.

Nene’s mother,

When Nene returned to the post office, it was past closing time, but Luyanda still let her in. Once she was inside, Luyanda began to sexually assault Nene. He attempted to strangle Nene, but failed. Luyanda then used a 2 kilogram weight to bludgeon Nene to death.

After murdering the 19 year old, Luyanda left her body at the post office. He soon returned the next day to retrieve her body. Luyanda then took Nene’s body to a nearby field, doused her body with petrol, and set her on fire.

After not hearing from Nene, her family and friends knew something was wrong. Her family quickly reported her missing and began searching for her. She was said to last be seen in Claremont outside of Clareinch Post Office. Within the 9 days of her disappearance, Nene’s case received immense media attention in Cape Town. The hashtag #BringNeneHome began to trend online as people searched for the missing 19 year old.

However, Nene’s body had already been found on August 26, but she hadn’t been identified yet. Nene’s body was discovered in a hole near an unused railway track in Lingelethu West of Khayelitsha.

Luyanda was quickly arrested in connection to Nene’s disappearance. He soon confessed to Nene’s murder. On November 15, 2019, Luyanda received 3 life sentences for Nene’s assault and murder. He is eligible for parole after serving 25 years of his life sentence.

Luyanda Botha

Students of the University of Cape Town began to protest for justice for Nene and the senseless murders of more women around South Africa. The protests later grew to the public, catching the attention of the president. This resulted in the announcement of reforms to give sex offenders harsher punishments.

People protesting after Nene’s murder

In celebration of Nene’s life, the Uyinene Mrwetyana Foundation was developed in Makhanda, Eastern Cape. A scholarship in her name was also founded for female students in the Humanities faculty of the University of Cape Town. It is so heartbreaking what happened to Nene; she had a brilliant life ahead of her and so much to share with the world. Though she is no longer here physically, Nene is still making a difference in the world with her legacy.


The Murder of Frank Little

Frank Little was a former member of the R&B band known as The O’Jays who went missing in the 1970s. His remains were found in 1982, but he wasn’t positively identified until nearly 40 years later.

Frank Little, who also went by Frankie, was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1943. Frankie had 2 children, and he served in the U.S. Army and was deployed during the Vietnam War. After starting a career as a musician and songwriter, Frankie joined the band The O’Jays in the mid-1960s as a guitarist and songwriter. He is known for his assistance in writing some of the band’s earliest hits, like “Love Train”, “Pretty Words” and “Oh, How You Hurt Me”.

The O’Jays

The remaining members of The O’Jays, Eddie Leveret, Walter Williams, and Eric Grant, described the time they had working with Frankie up until his disappearance, stating that after touring with the band to Los Angeles, he returned on his own to Cleveland to be with the woman he was in love with in the mid-1960s. That was the last his bandmates heard from him.

Frankie’s brother, Johnny Little, stated that the last time he saw his brother was in 1976. The family then spent decades wondering what happened to Frankie.

On February 18, 1982, workers at business in Twinsburg, Ohio discovered a scull and garbage bags with human remains near the back parking lot. The authorities were called, and it was determined that the skeletal remains were not complete and pathologists were unable to determine the cause of death. What they did know was that the victim was an African American male, between 20-35 years old, was approximately 5’6″, and possibly had adolescent kyphosis. Sketches of the victim were made and released to the public, but no one recognized the victim.

Sketch of the victim

Some time after Frankie disappeared, his brother Johnny moved to Atlanta and continued living there for the next 40 years. In early 2021, Johnny’s cousin Ross Little decided to take DNA tests to trace back their ancestry. Only a short time later, the family received a call from a detective, claiming that they had discovered a John Doe years ago with a DNA match. The match determined that Johnny and the John Doe were 389 million times likely to be brothers. Detectives later obtained a DNA swab from Johnny to confirm the DNA match. Some weeks went by, and finally Johnny got the call confirming the the remains found in 1982 were in fact those of Frankie Little.

Frankie and his facial reconstruction

Because of the lack of information around Frankie’s disappearance and death, the investigation is still ongoing. It is unfortunate and saddening what happened to Frankie, but his case can still be solved, just like he was given his name back after all these years.


The I-65 Killer

Harry Edward Greenwell, also known as the I-65 Killer or Days Inn Killer, was a man who committed several crimes between 1987-1991, including the murder of 3 hotel clerks. His identity remained unknown until 2022 when his DNA match was found.

Harry Greenwell was born on December 9, 1944 in Louisville, Kentucky. He had been married twice; his first wife passed away in 1978 and he later remarried another woman whom he fathered a daughter and son with.

Harry Edward Greenwell

Over his lifetime, Harry Greenwell had several run ins with law enforcement. On January 17, 1963, Greenwell was arrested for armed robbery and later sentenced to 2 years in prison. He was later arrested again in February 1965 in Kentucky for sodomy charges. Greenwell was released again sometime in 1969. He was arrested again on burglary charges in Iowa in 1982. He escaped twice while serving time for this, but was recaptured both times. Greenwell was later released in 1983 and began working as a rail worker.

It is believed the Harry Greenwell’s murder spree began in 1987 with the murder of Vicki Lucille Heath. On February 21, 1987, Greenwell showed up to the Super 8 Motel in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, where Vicki Heath was a night clerk. Greenwell attacked and sexually assaulted Vicki before shooting and killing her. Police later found her body behind a trash bin nearby the hotel.

On March 3, 1989, Greenwell murdered 2 hotel clerks at separate places along I-65. First, 25 year old Margaret Mary Gill, a night worker at the Days Inn in Merrillville, Indiana, was sexually assaulted and shot twice in the head. Her body was later found in a back hallway and $179 was missing from the hotel.

Just 4 hours later in Remington, Indiana, 34 year old Jeanne Gilbert was sexually assaulted and shot while working at a Days Inn hotel. Her body was found by a passing motorist near the roadway, and $247 was missing from the hotel. Law enforcement determined that the same gun, a .22 caliber handgun, was used to kill both women.

(from left to right) Margaret Gill, Jeanne Gilbert, and Vicki Heath

On January 2, 1990, a 21 year old Days Inn hotel clerk in Columbus, Indiana was sexually assaulted, stabbed, and robbed while working the night shift. She fortunately survived the attack and was able to provide a description of the attacker. DNA evidence also linked her attacker to the previous murders.

The sketch of the attacker in Columbus

In 1991, another hotel clerk was attacked in Rochester, Minnesota. She also survived her attack and gave a similar description of her attacker. The man was said to be wearing a flannel shirt, blue jeans, and he had a lazy eye. In 2013, DNA from this attack was also matched to the DNA in the other attacks and murders. 2 more unidentified women were also attacked by the I-65 murderer between 1989-1990, and they survived.

The murders of the 3 women and the attacks on the other women remained cold until the DNA of the attacker was submitted in 2008. By 2013, Kentucky State Police officially announced that the 3 murders were linked to the same person and that this was in fact the work of a serial killer. Investigators suspected that the killer was a truck driver or traveling salesman that was between the ages of 55-65.

After the cases remained unsolved for several more years, a match was finally linked to the killer’s DNA. Harry Greenwell’s DNA was linked to a close relative and genetic genealogists were able to determine his DNA to be a 99.999% match to the killer’s. Greenwell was formally announced as the I-65 killer on April 5, 2022. Unfortunately, Greenwell died of cancer in 2013 before he could be charged and convicted of his crimes.

It is unfortunate that 3 people lost their lives, and possibly even more unknown victims, and the killer has gotten away without facing time for these crimes. However, it is positive that the families of victims and surviving victims have some closure knowing that this vicious person has been identified and he can no longer hurt anyone else.