The Disappearance of Celina Mays

Celina Mays was a 12 year old girl who was 8 months pregnant when she went missing in 1996.

Celina Mays was born on May 21, 1984. Before her disappearance, Celina moved to Willingboro, New Jersey to live with her father and stepmother after her mother passed away in 1994. The family lived with more than 10 other people in their home. Celina was homeschooled and her family was strictly religious, following a church called the Gospel of Christ Ministry.

Gospel of Christ Ministry

One day in 1996, 12 year old Celina informed her family that she was pregnant. Her family demanded to know who the father was, but Celina would not give them any information about him other than he was 16 and not a member of their church. At one point, her father threatened to get a paternity test done after the baby was born to figure out who the father is.

December 15, 1996 seemed to be another normal day for Celina. She was just 2 weeks away from her due date the night she disappeared. After talking with her family and eating some ice cream, Celina told her parents good night and went to bed. The next day, her sister went to wake her up. Upon going to Celina’s bed, she found that there were only pillows there made to look like someone was in the bed. Almost all of her personal items were left behind as well.

Celina’s home

After conducting a search and questioning those around Celina, law enforcement was no closer to figuring where Celina may have disappeared to. There are many theories surrounding Celina’s disappearance and why she may have disappeared. Some believe that Celina possibly didn’t want her parents to know who the real father of her baby is, so she left willingly. Another theory is that her family didn’t want the public to know who the real father of Celina’s baby is and made her leave to keep quiet. The theory that law enforcement believes the most is that Celina is alive somewhere and possibly living under a new name.

Many people have also questioned her family’s church’s involvement with her disappearance. Some people apart of the church may have some knowledge regarding Celina’s situation. When investigations were being conducted, the owner of the church would not let detectives search the church for evidence in Celina’s disappearance. It was also stated that the church had affiliations in other states, so Celina could still have some kind of involvement with the church somewhere else.

With all these theories floating around, only Celina and whoever was involved with her disappearance know what really happened to her. I truly hope that she and her baby are out there alive somewhere and doing fine.


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