The Case of Josh and Amber Hilberling

Josh Hilberling was a 23 year old man who died after his wife Amber Hilberling pushed him out of their high-rise apartment window. The case gained a lot of media attention and controversy surrounded it as people tried to determine whether Amber killed her husband on accident or purposely.

Josh Hilberling was born on May 30, 1988 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He joined the Air Force some time after graduating high school. He was described to be very kind and funny by others. Amber Hilberling was born on October 1, 1991. She came from a very well-off family. Others described her as very smart and beautiful. The couple met in early 2010 and began dating. Josh was going to be sent off for the military, so in order to stay and live together, the couple got married a few months after meeting each other.

Josh and Amber at their wedding

Though the couple had great moments together, once they moved and began living together, tension between the two began to grow. Some time later, the couple moved back to Tulsa to live with Amber’s family after Josh was discharged from the military. It is rumored by some people, including Amber herself, that Josh’s discharge was due to possible drug involvement.

Josh and Amber Hilberling

After some time, Amber became pregnant, so her mother decided to help the couple get an apartment in a high-rise building in Tulsa. Amber and Josh had only been living in the apartment for about 2 weeks when the accident that took Josh’s life occurred.

Amber was 7 months pregnant by the time they were living in the apartment. Many neighbors have stated that they heard yelling and fighting coming from the Hilberling’s apartment often.

On June 7, 2011, a maintenance worker was called to the Hilberling’s apartment to fix a broken window. Allegedly, a few days before this, Josh became angry after an argument with Amber and threw a laundry basket at the window, causing it to crack. The maintenance man later testified that when he got to the apartment, he could tell there was some tension between the couple like they had just been arguing.

While the maintenance man was in a separate room fixing the window, he stated that he heard what sounded like running and then a loud crash. After he heard the crash, he looked out the window to see Josh falling face first. It apparently took nearly 3 seconds for him to make impact with the ground after falling from the 25th floor. 23 year old Josh Hilberling died on impact.

Josh Hilberling

Neighbors reported hearing Amber screaming, “Oh my God, no! No!” The maintenance man then went into the other room to get Amber and he brought her downstairs. Bystanders said that they saw the pregnant woman in distress run over to Josh’s body and was holding him saying, “Please come back to me.” When the paramedics arrived, Amber was pleading and begging them to save her husband, saying, “Please fix him! He can’t die!”. However, it was too late for the paramedics to do anything to save Josh.

Distressed Amber standing near Josh’s body

Amber was the main witness of the accident, so she was taken to the police station to be interrogated. Amber’s grandmother was also brought to the police station to comfort Amber. While Amber and her grandmother were sitting in the interrogation room, Amber was crying and saying, “I didn’t mean to push him,” and “Josh hates me. I’m not even gonna be able to meet him in Heaven anymore because he hates me. I killed him.” Unbeknownst to the two, their conversation was being recorded the entire time.

Amber was now the prime suspect in Josh Hilberling’s death after she had basically confessed to killing her husband. She was then arrested on 2nd degree murder charges. When the case got to the mainstream media, they began to run wild with the story. Amber’s looks became one of the main points of the case as the media pushed the idea of Amber being a “beautiful bombshell murderous wife.” Josh’s family was obviously upset by his murder. Both his family and Amber’s family testified that Josh and Amber were abusive to each other. There was even a point when Josh filed for a restraining order after Amber assaulted him, but that case was later dropped.

Amber in court

The state’s attorney offered Amber a deal of 5 years in prison if she admitted guilt to murdering her husband. However, Amber denied the deal and the case was taken to trial. She said she would never admit to killing her husband because she didn’t intentionally mean to. During the trial, Amber eventually gave birth to her and Josh’s son Levi, who her parents later took custody of.

After the trial, Amber was found guilty of 2nd degree murder and was given a 25 year prison sentence. During her time in prison, Amber was interviewed by Dr. Phil. Just 4 years into her prison sentence, Amber was found dead in her cell on October 24, 2016 after committing suicide.

According to a window expert, the windows on the high rise building were not in the right conditions. The building was built in 1966 and obviously over time, things began to wear down. The glass on the window itself was incredibly thin and was not thick enough for the type of building this was. In no way did Amber have the right to push Josh, but I highly doubt that she expected Josh to fall through the window. She was not aware of how weak the window was, but again, that doesn’t make getting physical right.

The shattered glass of the apartment window

The case of Josh and Amber Hilberling is incredibly tragic and can be a huge lesson for everyone. I do not condone people getting physical with one another unless it is to defend themselves, but I don’t think that Amber intentionally meant to push Josh out the window. This seems to be a terrible and tragic accident. I just hope that Josh and Amber’s son and families are healing from this accident that was highly preventable.

Josh and Amber Hilberling


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